Promte Content Editor

Content Editor is build for website owners and users that have no knowledge about coding. Its tools are limited to let all users put any content to their website pages, so they can't corrupt the design or functioning of the pages.

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Promte Content Editor Features

Text Editor

Simple text editing abilities.

Image Editor

You can change any image easily.

Link Editor

URL of a link can be changed simply.


Easy to use

The human interfaces is as easy as possible. All commands and options are simplified and icons are universal and cross language. When you click over an element it gets selected, then you can edit it, otherwise it's not editable. To change the text content or changing an image you need to first select that particular element and double click inside the part you want to change.

Some elements can not be changed

promte easy to use
what you see is what you get

What you see is what you get

You can edit the result directly in your browser. There is no need to go to another panel for changing the content. You see your exact web page and just need to double click over any element you want to edit and while you are editing it, you can see the result immediately.

You don't need to worry about the data

You don't need to learn anything

You don't need to change the design

Online Store

Best solution for online stores

You don't need to change the design. For those who have data that needs to be stored in a database like online stores, they don't need to use complicated panels and data tables to change their data. The machine handles what elements are rendered from the database and any modification goes to the right place. You don't need to worry about that.

Add or delete repeated items

Multi language

Secret information cannot be seen.

Online Store

Content Editor Features

If you have a website anywhere and anytime you can edit it with the Promte Content Editor. It can edit any webpage but you can't publish your changes unless you give us FTP access to your website. When you have access to your website we consider you as the owner of the website. The licneses and copy rights are your responsibility.

Image resizer

You can resize your images inside the editor.

Owner Ship

You are the owner of your website and the only one that can publish.

Multi user

You can get access for editing any part of your website.


Only granted permissions can edit any part of your website.


You can monitor all of the accesses over your website anytime.

Edits are confidential

Edits applied by your team cannot be seen publicly before publish.